Houston Computer Consulting LLC understands the cyclical theory of developing software to meet any business model. This process is a never-ending cycle of self-improvement and experience in this realm is what you need for a successful project.

The four stages detailed below are critical to ensuring automation success:

  1. design - All projects start as a concept to move your business from its current level to the next one. A thorough understanding of the business and the applicable technologies help create the best state attainable. Options are explored, ideas are discussed, and an ultimate goal is set
  2. development - The design is turned into reality through crafting hardware and software into a powerful product. This process is sped along through proper prioritization to ensure the right foundation on which potential future enhancements will grow
  3. installation - Once critical components and quality assurances are accomplished, it is time to roll out the advancements to start leveraging the investment as quickly as possible. This generally involves considerable change to a business and such hurdles are anticipated and conquered through obtaining usage buy-in all along the process. Once these systems are in place and functioning, old systems start to fade out of usage and new growth potential is sought
  4. support - All systems have an inherent need for someone to stand behind them ready to respond to questions regarding system performance. Adjustments are made where necessary and new ideas and enhancements are added as appropriate to continue to leverage the investment to this point

This process doesn't end here, but rather starts over again as inherent constraints of the original design start to be surpassed by new demands on the system. This is natural with any mature technology and helps to drive the next generation of design, development, installation, and support.