As a rapidly growing leader in quality Healthcare, Renaissance Healthcare Systems has expanded their Bariatric program (Obesity Surgery Specialists) to other cities and continues to face challenges in organizing, maintaining and scheduling new and existing patients. In addition to this, adhering to strict HIPAA regulations, managing hundreds of active patients and thousands of scheduled appointments using paper methods was quickly becoming unmanageable. Existing methods did not facilitate reliable reporting tools capable of delivering statistics for fine tuning the business model.


Houston Computer Consulting was able to chart a course towards greater internal data stability and significant efficiency gains. This objective was met through an inventory of existing processes and routine daily tasks. By deploying a secure Intranet by which all users (local and remote) can share data allows OSS to manage large volumes of patients and schedule multiple recurring appointments with the click of a button.


OSS has eliminated the need to rekey data thereby significantly reducing data-entry errors and the dependence on excessive cross-checks in their manual system. By gathering this data in a centralized repository they are able to generate reports benefiting their financial as well as marketing initiatives. Patients are now efficiently scheduled, follow ups are performed on regular intervals and HIPAA compliance is in the forefront.