National Loading Services, provider of lumper services to an array of different industries, was using a manual truck unloading tracking system that was requiring a lot of overhead to process. They wanted a computerized solution that could be deployed to their client docks to streamline the gathering of production information.


Houston Computer Consulting researched appropriate handheld devices and helped National Loading Services pick a hardy tablet device to use as the basis of the field deployment strategy. Additionally, we developed software that would work efficiently and securely over cellular data circuits to ease the deployment hurdle by not trying to piggyback on their clients computer networks. Information gathered through the tablets was stored in a new data repository that facilitated not only more efficient data capturing, but quicker and easier invoicing processes as well due to the elimination of hand-transcribing tally sheets. Additionally, developing a custom solution allowed for designing in hard firewalls in their repository to keep different clients’ data completely isolated from each other. There was also a client-facing website launched to facilitate looking up problem load case details without having to involve internal staff.


Not only did National Loading Services experience increased operational efficiency, but the availability of truck unloading information instantly from the time of entry helped their clients achieve better visibility into an area of their operations that they were formerly blind to. As a result of this increased visibility additional features were added to help better manage critical hand off points between when trucks arrive at the yard and when they are routed to specific docks. Overall both National Loading Services and their clients have achieved efficiency gains through the quick exchange of this operational data that would formerly have been impossible to achieve through their initial manual-oriented processes.