Ashlar Medical is a U.S based urodynamic equipment company located in central Louisiana. They had obtained computer programming code to urology-related software developed to support their proprietary equipment deployed to medical diagnostic facilities around the world, but didn’t have the ability to do updates on it any more. They needed to find a software development resource capable of continuing modifications to their original software build while they simultaneously worked on developing their next generation solution.


Houston Computer Consulting staff has a long history of working in the software development field and was able to rise to the challenge to learn their existing software system and help design their next generation solution. We also helped navigate the choppy waters Ashlar Medical found themselves in due to problems where other development teams couldn’t deliver on their promised in an economical way. We consequently came on board and helped reset expectations all around and helped Ashlar Medical learn from their past development management mistakes and charted a path to a better solution. Ultimately we delivered their initial next generation project on time and at a very affordable price. Ashlar Medical was thrilled to finally have a solution they had full control of once again and we were subsequently engaged to help develop the rest of their product suite offering’s next generation software solution.


Ashlar Medical found a software development team that not only spoke English, but was able to pick up where former teams had left off and carry the ball forward. This helped avoid a lot of redesigning effort and time and consequently yielded a product that Ashlar Medical could never have achieved either internally or with their original outsourced software development team. Houston Computer Consulting’s long term commitment to our clients for not only initial development work but also for ongoing technical support and updates helped put Ashlar Medical back on the track towards success with their second generation medical devices.