Alamo Hydraulics of Houston is a leading source of hydraulic, machining and plating services. Although they are very adept at dealing with their business focus of repairing hydraulic systems, they needed reliable and dependable assistance tackling their daily technology needs. The need, however, was not sufficient to facilitate hiring a skilled resource directly, so they were in the market for some outsourced Information Technology Department help.


Houston Computer Consulting has a long history and large breadth of technical expertise that has translated into valuable assistance to Alamo Hydraulics of Houston over many years. We provided onsite and remote assistance with picking out new PCs, servers, networking infrastructure components, as well as appropriate software to help them manage their daily activities electronically. Over the course of time we have also helped them migrate to newer technologies including migrating and updating their public website and outsourced email-hosting solution as well. We have been there for them whenever they need help and their business operations have run very smoothly as a result.


Alamo Hydraulics of Houston has gained deep and dependable technical expertise without having to deal with the hassles of interviewing and hiring this type of help. That allows them to remain focused on their primary business activities so that they can excel at what they do well and leave the technical details to a dependable subcontractor. They have been very pleased with the long term support consistency and have been able to easily scale up or down their technical needs to adjust to the fluctuating market demand for their services. That allows everything to stay on an even keel financially for which they are very grateful.