Houston Computer Consulting LLC understands that the focal point of any technology application is in driving your business growth through increased sales. We are continuously focused on the most efficient manner in which to reach this springboarding point.

The technology development life cycle requires investments along the way to reach the potential your business deserves. This involves the following phases:

  1. design - During this stage the application needs are examined and grouped into priority order for the greatest and quickest impact. This investment ensures the shortest possible project timeline.
  2. development - During this stage all tasks are monitored closely for producing a quality, efficient system that will have the highest value for the client. This investment ensures the greatest possible system efficiency.
  3. installation - This stage is where the benefits suddenly become tangible and the potential is unlocked for growing your business. The investment starts to return value as the systems are used
  4. support - The key to a successful implementation is keeping access to the people who understand your business best. This investment is kept to a minimum through thorough understanding of the intricacies of your business operations.