Houston Computer Consulting LLC understands that businesses are in a constant state of change. The timely application of technology advancements will help minimize revenue plateaus by preparing the business for the demands of the next growth cycle.

All business processes have their roots in these tiers, but the key to keeping your business on a continuous growth pattern requires addressing the limitations before they constrain your business.

  1. manual processes - All businesses start at this level where the deployment of technology is cost-prohibitive for the volume of work needing to be done. This is an important step as depending on humans give a lot of flexibility to a business as its systems are perfected. However, internal redundancy to catch mistakes is costly
  2. independent automation -As business processes are perfected, technology solutions for the highest repetition tasks suddenly become attractive. However, disparate systems still require periodic, costly synchronizing to keep all the information current
  3. integrated automation -As business systems are stabilized, technology solutions strive to steamline the current processes by eliminating duplication of data. However, system complexity leads to lost opportunity and difficulty in adapting to market conditions.
  4. scalable automation -The key to unlimited business growth is having technology supporting the business that can adapt and change to meet ever-moving markets. At this point there are no internal constraints on what can happen. Your business has officially ”turned the corner” and will be a major force in your industry